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Aquapro Reverse Osmosis Under Bench Filter
Aquapro Reverse Osmosis Under Bench Filter

Aquapro Reverse Osmosis Under Bench Filter

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With the ever increasing pollution in our water supply and the decreasing reliability our of local councils to provide heathy drinking water, a reverse osmosis system provides the best in high quality filtered drinking water.


Reverse osmosis systems are commonly known as RO system of just RO filters.

These provide a unique filtration system that rejects all contaminants to waste and not trap them in the filter itself. It includes bacteria, viruses, chemicals, metals, 98-99% rejection of all contaminates. This ensures no chance of contaminates leaching into the drinking water at the filter tap.

For people considering a filter system to remove Fluoride, RO systems are te best option to consider as there is a complete reduction of this contaminate, as this is the only filter system that can do this effectively.

Aquapro RO systems produce great quality tasting water above and beyond normal filter systems. However if you are considering this type of filter you must have adequate room under the kitchen sink.

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