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Reverse Osmosis is a highly effective purification method to remove salts and Ions to produce pure water.  Reverse Osmosis is the reverse of the natural osmosis process that occurs in nature.  During Osmosis liquid flows from a state of low concentration of solids or impurities to a state of relatively high concentration.  To treat the water by the osmotic process, osmosis must be reversed to make the water flow from a state of high concentrations of solids to a low concentration.  This is done by applying pressure to the high concentration side of the membrane..the result of this is very high water quality.

Reverse Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis/DeIonisation (RO/DI) Systems are available in both manual or fully automated with strong stainless steel frame, high pressure pump and high performance BW membranes.

We offer supply and installation of Commercial Systems that adhere to NZ industry standards. As every commercial system is site specific, it is best to get in touch with one of our sales staff to discuss your requirements.  We currently service a wide range of clients including a number of District Health Boards (DHBs), Wineries, Pharmaceutical/Labs, Marine Aquariums and Water Bottling Plants.





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