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TFG236, 3yr life replacement cartridge made in USA

TFG236, 3yr life replacement cartridge made in USA

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Our most popular filter cartridge with 3 yrs service life.

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This quick change cartridge replaces almost all existing filters.

And for home using town water supply will last up to 3 years, giving great tasting drinking water.

Also the added benefit of metal reduction adding to the health factor that this delivers.

This is a 5 stage filter.

  1. Water difuser to spin the water so it dose not channel through the filter media.
  2. 5 Micron sediment pad.
  3. KDF to reduce heavy metals and inhibit bacteria.
  4. Granular Activated Carbon to remove Chlorine, bad tastes and odor.
  5. 1 Micron sediment pad as final stage filtration.

 Upgrade yours today and well include a free wall clip to hang it on!!

If you are on Tank water the life span should be 2 yrs

Comes with quick connect fittings for the 6mm tubing.

Just cut out your old filter and push the tubing in each end and run the water.

Fits all exsisting water filters install under the kitchen bench with a separate tap.

TheTFG236 filterwill fit all current New Zealand under bench systems!!

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